TxtConnect is the ultimate mobile marketing tool for broadcasting SMS. This user-friendly online texting service lets you send bulk SMS messages to a predetermined target subscriber or recipient base. And with lower rates per SMS, it’s significantly more cost-efficient than using regular text messages and phone calls.


Experience mobile advertising made easy

With TxtConnect, you can SMS blast your target market with just a few keystrokes. And because the service is web-based, you can launch your SMS marketing campaigns at any time and any place.


Maximize your mobile marketing budget

Because TxtConnect messaging rates are lower, you can target more consumers without raising costs. Another plus is the service’s ease of use, allowing you to spend less man-hours on mobile marketing and more on growing your business.


TxtConnect features and benefits:


  • Easily managed through a web-based interface
  • More cost efficient because lower text message fees apply
  • Ability to transmit high-volume text broadcasts
  • Instantly send messages to entire employee or customer base
  • Unique text ID
  • Option of pre-scheduled or real-time text message sending
  • Birthday alerts
  • Group sending
  • Secure text messaging
  • Automatic re-sending of failed messages to confirm that important information is received

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