Treat your guests to a seamless and worry-free experience with Direct Internet via Radio from Globe myBusiness.

Whether you have 30 guests or 600, Direct Internet via Radio is fast and uninterrupted- the kind of Internet connection your guests will surely need.


    Direct Internet via Radio serves most areas in the Philippines, including key remote tourist destinations.


    Enjoy a dedicated connection that has 99.6% service availability & priority service handling for a seamless Internet experience at your hotel.


    Whether they are travelling for business or pleasure, a fast Internet connection lets your guests stay well-connected wherever and whenever.

Choose from any of these Direct Internet via Radio plans for that guaranteed five star experience at your hotel


*Price is inclusive of VAT and Last Mile charges.
*Plans have a lock-up period of 24months.
*Additional cost may be incurred from the antenna installation.
*Pricing will vary due to the location of the installation

Here are Top 4 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs a Fast & Stable Internet Connection

  • 7 out of 10 travellers rate reliable WiFi as top priority over hotel's location, parking or even free breakfast

  • Next to cost, WiFi is the 2nd most important factor for consideration when tourists book.

  • Over 51% of tourists, businessmen and families expect FREE WiFi from hotels.

  • Customers are more likely to give higher ratings, post pictures & reviews from their experience with your hotel when provided with FREE WiFi