Stay on top of your operations with myBusiness Tracker

Monitor your moving assets, drivers, and deliveries with a do-it-yourself
portable GPS tracking solution. No installations needed!

  • Trip Summaries & Location Reports

    Monitor vehicle activity by generating summary of trip distance, total time & max speed. All reports are grouped by trips for simplified and meaningful display of reports.

  • Live Tracking

    Coordinate with your drivers & customers. View in real time the location of your vehicles, showing you the nearest landmark and actual location on a map.

  • No Device Installation

    Enjoy the benefits of a professional fleet management system that requires no installation.


How it works

Track your vehicle and other assets in a few easy steps.

  • Insert Globe Sim Plan 599 or 699 into your Globe myBusiness Tracker device

  • Put the Globe myBusiness Tracker inside your vehicle or any asset you want to track.

  • Log on to your myBusiness Tracker Account.

  • Generate complete statistics & reports from start to end of trip.


Seamless fleet, logistics, and asset management

Reduce excessive logistics expenses and improve your business operations
with efficient monitoring.

  • Smooth Coordination

    Easily coordinate with your customers and drivers in cases of delays, early arrivals, or other emergencies.

  • Increase Operational Efficiency

    Maximize resources and improve vehicle routing with proper planning and assessment.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Costs

    Lessen costs and manage operations closely to reduce field inefficiencies.

  • Protect Your Assets

    Receive alarms and warnings in cases of speeding, unexpected movement, or low power.


Track your business on-the-go
with myBusiness Tracker!

Features Plan 599 Plan 699
Live Tracking
Vehicles Up to 1,000 vehicles Up to 1,000 vehicles
Trip Summaries
Familiar Landmark Detection
Snail Trail
SMS Commands
Status Info
Vehicle Statistics
Historical Data 1 month 2 years
Alarms/Warnings Speed, Low Power, Motion Alarm Speed, Low Power, Motion Alarm, Geofencing
Email Alerts  

Each plan comes with a T23 Track device, 200 All-Net SMS and 100 Mb data.
24 months lock-up period.


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