myBusiness AdBlast lets you reach more customers with targeted text blasts.


Just define the profile of the customers you want to reach, and we'll send your message to them.

AdBlast Profile

Hypertargeted SMS sendout

Target consumers according to your preferred profile based on gender, interest, mobile usage, and more.

AdBlast Zone

Geo-targeted SMS Blast

Send your message out to consumers within a minimum of 400-meter radius of a specific location, or expand your reach to the entire country.

When you advertise using myBusiness AdBlast,

you're sure to get your money's worth.

  • Define your campaign

    and we'll manage it for you.

  • Drive more interest

    to your business.

  • Send branded SMS

    with your business name as sender.

  • Maximize your Peso

    with efforts that reach the right market.

*Reach more customers with a minimum of 3000 SMS Volume per Campaign.
*Rates are VAT exclusive.


Start expanding your business today by targeting the right customers!


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