Manage devices and secure company data and assets with

With the rise of enterprise mobility in businesses, Samsung Knox Manage provides you with peace of mind with its easy, and affordable-mobile management features that help secure your data over a fleet of devices.


  • Enroll all devices at once

  • Supports multiple operating systems

  • Customizable configuration and device management options

Consists of a highly secure platform built into Samsung devices
and a set of solutions that give you the freedom to work and play
how, where, and when you want.

It efficiently addresses today’s enterprise mobility challenges
and turns them into business wins.


    Implement device policies to access only allowed apps during business hours.


    Allow tracking of devices and deleting company data when a device gets lost, misplaced, or stolen.


    Provide remote IT support with on-demand device management and monitoring through a cloud-based platform.

Enterprise-grade Mobility is now made possible for your business!

For only P99 per device per month, Samsung Knox Manage will help business owners to manage devices and secure company data, minus the expensive costs!